Lessons in the Seasons of Life

The fuzzy, fleece blanket is wrapped around me. A warm cup of peppermint tea sits beside my computer. The fall chill is in the air. Thanksgiving and all it brings…turkey, sweet potatoes, football, family gatherings, shopping (no, thanks!)…will be upon me next week. Fall will soon fade into winter.

One of the things I have a love-hate relationship with in Ohio are the seasonal changes. I love Spring and its promise of new life. I love the warmth of Summer and all the outdoor activities. I love the colors of Fall and the cooler weather. I have a true love hate relationship with snow. It’s so pretty especially on Christmas. Yet, because I commute 50 minutes to work, I am not fond of snowy and icy road conditions. Each season has beauty all its own as well as potential challenges…tornadoes, storms, extreme heat, ice, snow, etc. You get the idea.

I believe life is like the changing seasons. I think we experience seasons in our lives…some we like more than others. I like to think of my life in seasons. Some seasons feel long, like they will never end, like the cold, barren nature of Winter. Yet, the promise of Spring always comes.

God works in the waiting seasons of our lives. Each season brings lessons…sometimes, well, oftentimes, painful lessons. I listened to a sermon recently talking about the power of gratitude and the flipside of what happens when we are not grateful…entitlement, expectations, frustration, and resentment can set in. The most powerful thing a friend challenged me to do has been to keep a gratitude journal. It began as part of a challenge to surrender my job situation to God and to focus on the positive things I experience everyday. As I began to focus on the positive things I was grateful for at work, I discovered that each day it became easier to be grateful in the difficult chaos of my situation and current season of life.

The lessons in this situation, in this season of my life…to lean on God and rely on Him more fully, to love people as they are and judge less, to focus on the positive, to be grateful for everyday blessings, to trust that God continues to work while I wait, to see waiting as a time of growing spiritually, to pray more boldly and truly embrace the belief that God listens to my prayers, to serve others with joy despite the circumstances, to love God more fully with all my heart…

God is faithful…He has answered my prayers…He has blessed me with the deisres of my heart in His perfect timing…He has grown me so much during this season of my life. I am looking forward to this new season in my life. God has blessed me with a new job…I am so excited…yet also, sad to be saying good-bye to those I am leaving behind but forever grateful for this season in my life.

What might God be trying to tell you in the season of life you are in right now? If it is a particularly difficult season, I challenge you to try keeping a gratitude journal. Perspective can change everything!





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