31 Days of Surrender: Perspective

Perspective changes everything. It doesn’t change the circumstances…it changes your outlook on the circumstances.

One of my favorite songs by Casting Crowns… Just Be Held… “your world’s not falling apart, it’s falling into place.”

Perspective. When everything around me seems to be falling apart, perhaps it is just falling into place.

This past summer, a small group from my church went to Kentucky for a mission trip in the Appalachian Mountain region. We spent hours planning a Vacation Bible School program for the children and their families. Slowly, people began to come to the event. As kids played on the playground equipment and worked on the crafts we had set up, we prepared for a skit and music, only God had other plans. A fast moving storm pummeled the area with rain. Everyone huddled together under the open picnic pavilion area. The close proximity forced everyone to interact. We shared food with the group. The kids began to calm…many of them scared by the storm. No, we didn’t get to carry out the VBS as we had planned but God provided an opportunity for us to really connect with the people we had come to serve.

Casting Crowns… “If your eyes are on the storm, you’ll wonder if I still love you but if your eyes are on the cross, you’ll know I always have and I always will.”

God used the storm in Kentucky, and He can and will use any storm in our life to speak to us and teach us.


Perspective changes everything.


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