31 Days of Surrender: Control

Control…this is a hard one for me. I like to be in control or at least feel like and think that I am in control. Only….this control thing isn’t working so well. Despite seeing a nutritionist and trying to eat healthy, I still deal with food and health issues. My work situation is crazy on so many levels. I can clean my house and then come home….and it’s a mess. It rains when I must sit outside for a soccer game and cheer on my son with a smile on my happy soccer mom face.

Reality…many things are out of my control.

This past Sunday, I decided to take an afternoon walk to clear my head. I went to my favorite park in my small town. Besides a few other walkers, it was quiet and empty. I enjoyed the solitude and time of prayer. I reflected on the beauty of the changing leaves of the trees. I love the seasons of the Midwest. I snapped a picture on my phone.


These trees…their leaves change color in the fall. They lose their leaves then, and the season fades into winter. Their branches stay barren of leaves through the cold winter months. The promise of the season of Spring comes, and tiny buds of life appear on their branches. These green tiny buds burst forth into leaves. Through each season, God is in control.

If God so faithfully reveals Himself through nature every single season, then why do I lack faith sometimes to trust Him that He is in control of my life through every season that I face?

Do not be afraid or discouraged for the battle is not yours but Gods. 2 Chronicles 20:15

Today… I will surrender control and trust God in this season of my life.

What areas in your life do you need to surrender control and simply trust and wait on the Lord?


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