31 Day Challenge: Surrender

So, I am a few days behind but I want to join the 31 day challenge. I want to challenge myself to dig deeper into what it means to let go and let God through surrender to His will for my life.

I began this journey of surrender in the beginning of September. What I am learning is that surrender means I don’t have to be in control. I don’t have to figure it all out. I don’t need to know what is coming next. I just need to trust. There is sweet release in surrender. I have shed tears in this surrender journey. I am learning to embody an attitude of gratitude. My dear best friend challenged me to keep a gratitude journal every day I work. I have found surrender through this. By focusing on the little things at work and truly praying for God to reveal Himself in the little things, I am surrendering the need to control the chaos around me. I can not often control the chaos around me. I am not giving up in defeat. I am surrendering and accepting that He is in control. And, He keeps showing up every single day. I began the surrender journey because of a work situation that feels so out of control at times, but He has revealed to me the need to not only surrender my work but also my family, my finances, my friends…I don’t get to pick and choose the areas of my life I want to surrender. I will write each day on my surrender journey, my desire to surrender to His will for my life and to trust Him deeper.

31 days


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