I worked a very long day yesterday. I woke up at 4:30 this morning wide awake but still tired. What do you think my devotion was about this morning….rest. Rest is what I need. Yes, I need sleep, but what I have been learning is that I need to rest in the Lord.

I like the King James translation of Psalm 37:7…. “rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him.” Other translations use the words “be still” instead of rest. Both rest and being still are not things I am good at. I want to control things. I want to manipulate the circumstances sometimes so that I might know how things will turn out….sooner than later. What I am learning is that what He wants for me to do is simply rest. Rest does not mean doing nothing…I think it means taking a deep breath, mindfully looking for God in the little everyday things, and trusting Him to the greater details, the bigger picture, and the work that we can not see.

Daily, I need reminded of this. He is my rest. When I rest in Him, the pressure to control everything and fix everything is released from me…the anxiety lifts…my tired soul can rest. So, today, this Friday, pray for His help so you can truly rest in Him as you wait on His work in your life.



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