Iced Coffee Alternative and Summer Musings

It’s hot and humid here.

I want something to drink besides water, but I’m not really feeling like a hot drink when it’s so humid. I love dandelion tea so I decided to try it iced. Brewed and cooled. A little Rice Dream milk. A couple of ice cubes. Delicious. It has a coffee like taste without the jittery caffeine effects. Dandelion tea is a great liver detox drink. It is a natural diuretic and can aid digestion. I have grown to love it and drink it daily.

Iced Dandelion Tea

It’s a lazy summer day although the official start of summer is actually tomorrow, Sunday, June 21st…the longest day of the year. We are enjoying a lazy day at home watching a family movie on Netflix. My children leave for church camp tomorrow….no TV for a week.

Update on “The Plan”….I haven’t had bloating in over two weeks and the cleanse helped shed excess water weight. My edema is better. I do find that I have a bit of food anxiety fretting over what I can and can not eat. Under the Plan, only one new food should be introduced a day. It makes social eating at work and with family challenging, but I am doing the best I can to incorporate safe foods and follow the 20 day plan. I do have my coffee back….it’s good with a little Kerrygold butter and cinnamon in the morning.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day….Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there! Enjoy the longest day of the year!


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