The Problem with a Little….

I love chocolate. Repeat. I love chocolate. Most ladies I know do, too. I work in a dementia unit, and nothing seems to light up a room (besides puppies and babies) like chocolate. Chocolate is that feel good, comfort food.

Friday morning, I decided to make a quick stop before work for some chocolate. It was a long, stressful week, and in my mind, I deserved chocolate, something I have been trying to avoid due to stomach issues. I can tolerate small amounts like chocolate chips in trail mix, but when I start eating a lot, then I experience stomach pain and acne.

The problem with a little chocolate is I want more. I look for ways I can add chocolate to this or that. And when I start eating chocolate, it breaks my resolve to want to eat other things I know I should not…things not necessarily bad but things that aggravate my sensitive stomach.

So, I  must use my self-control and indulge in a little. I like the brand name…”Enjoy Life”…life is meant  to be enjoyed. So, I will enjoy my chocolate, relax, and enjoy a laid back Saturday. To tie in my themed posts on stress lately, I am taking a day today to decompress, take a deep breath, and relax. Writing at the coffee shop, movies with my son, and a little chocolate. How do you like to spend a laid back Saturday?



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