Saturday Love and a Morning Protein Smoothie

I love Saturday mornings…moving at my pace, laying in bed just a little longer if I want, morning runs, hot showers lasting longer than 3 minutes, and Saturday morning smoothies. During the week, it’s a quick Blender Bottle shake with Silk almond milk, 2 heaping scoops of Orgain protein powder, and my Vitamin C powder and out the door. It works, but on weekends, I like something a little more like this morning’s creation.

Blueberry Avocado Protein Smoothie

1 cup Silk Cashew or Almond milk

1/2 cup frozen organic blueberries

2 ice cubes

1/2 avocado

2 heaping scoops of Orgain Organic chocolate fudge protein powder

Blend together and enjoy. Perfect for a Saturday morning or any morning you have time to whip it together. It was the perfect post-run smoothie after my run this morning.

Saturday Smoothie

The sun is shining bright here warm with the promise of summer. It looks to be a beautiful Saturday and Sunday. Happy Memorial Day everyone! Remember to pause and reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day and thank a veteran for his or her service to our county!

Pictures Fall 2013-Fall 2014 1861


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