Mother’s Day Musings and Weekend Reflections

Weekends are hard for me. My daily Monday-Friday routine is thrown off with soccer games, family events, and other fun things, things I enjoy, but things that throw off my eating routines. Saturday I didn’t really have time to eat a real breakfast or lunch so I survived off protein shakes and protein bars…not good on the blood sugar! By the time I went to dinner with my cousin and her family at 7:30, I felt close to passing out. I couldn’t get to the salad bar fast enough! I love Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar.

Today, Mother’s Day…I enjoyed a Mexican casserole…totally gluten free but the cheese resulted in bloating that has lasted all day long. I have become a good detective at deciphering what is ailing me, and this time, it was cheese, too much of it.

After a family game of Scrabble,¬† I needed a walk to calm the awful bloated feeling I had. My son is adopted so as a tribute to his birth mom, we bought a balloon and he wrote her a message on the balloon. He does not remember her, but he understands she loved him but could not care for him. In a symbolic gesture, we launched the balloon towards the Philippines. (Disclaimer…yes, I know that this is not the best thing for the environment but one balloon as a tribute….please forgive me).


Back to the daily routine tomorrow and a taming of the tummy. The bone broth is in the crockpot. The sweet potatoes are cooked, and lunch is packed. Life with food intolerances is just life, slighty more complicated.


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