Patience, Waiting, and Grace

waiting and patience

I have been without home internet for about 6 days. I have it again…yay! I haven’t had time to write at coffee shops so I had to endure life without the internet for a few days. When we get used to something, we don’t realize how much we rely on it until it’s no longer an option. Online banking. Blogging. Online shopping. Writing long emails (I hate writing long emails on my phone). And of course, the thousand ways to waste time on the internet through social media.

So, I am reminded once again lessons of patience, waiting, and grace.

After four days of being on the phone with my internet provider and experiencing less than stellar customer service, I was reminded to show grace even though I wanted to be short and snappy with the customer service representative. Long story short, I did end up receiving my requests met and my bill should be adjusted next month…we will see.

I have returned to the present day with my internet service fully restored and faster. Yay!

While  not having internet at home is a pain and inconvenience, it is a reminder to me that at times, waiting is necessary. Through waiting, we have opportunities for growth and blessings. Lessons of waiting….for healing, that better job offer, a financial break, a vacation, a broken heart to heal, answers to your mystery condition that has doctors baffled, relief for your child, the phone call that you have been matched with a child for adoption, a letter of acceptance or rejection…patience and waiting are never easy.

I don’t know what you are waiting for, yearning for at the present season in your life. Don’t lose heart. Continue to pray. Trust. Hope. He is listening. My home is filled with laughter and joy from my adopted son. My health is stable. My son’s condition is stable. Answered prayers through lessons of waiting. Right now, I am waiting for answers to another area in my life. I wait. I pray. I cry at times. I trust. His ways are always better.


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