Unsolicited Opinions

When you have food issues, you become the target of unsolicited opinions.

What are you eating? That’s dinner? Oh, you’re one of those healthy eaters. You eat the strangest stuff.

Yup, I’ve heard it all. I even had one of my volunteers after she preceded to tell me I eat strange food, reach into my Ziploc bag and grab one of my bean chips. Um, okay, help yourself???

After doing this modified diet stuff for four years, it doesn’t really bother me. People will sometimes laugh because on the rare occasion I eat an almond butter sandwich, I have the tiny slices of gluten-free bread. Or, I have a mug of chicken bone broth. Or, I offer someone the chance to try my chocolate pudding….only I don’t share it’s made from avocado…and they give me a look because it doesn’t have the processed taste of box pudding mixes.

My family has learned to live with me and my strange food. My teenage daughter who does all the family dishes in exchange for her cell phone bill is never fond when I use the food processor, blender, or juicer and especially not fond when I leave bone broth remnants in the crock pot…oops! A  nice bonus…..They always let me choose the restaurant which is nice.

I make green juice and smoothies. I make gluten-free mug cakes with no sugar. I use chocolate avocado pudding as a spread on my gluten-free banana bread. I tried cooking plantains in the oven…not a huge fan of that.

Food collage

I have been eating basically the same rotation of foods since I have been home from vacation in a valiant attempt to calm my gut. (Note to self: ketchup is not a happy stomach food). I’ll save the healing foods regimen for another post…it’s a slow process but my stomach is starting to calm down, and my skin is starting to clear up. And I am trying to be really creative with chicken so I don’t have a table full of complainers….chicken again?

I work with a bunch of junk food junkies. They come to work with their fast food bags, bags of chips, and cans of pop. It makes me want to say….You’re eatin that??? But I refrain from offering unsolicited opinions.

Any thoughts?


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