Sweat, Sun, Spandex, and….an Allergic Reaction?

I live where it is cold, and I am vacationing where it is warm. Finally. Warmth with no snow. One of my favorite things to do is run on the beach. I’m not a fast runner by any means, but I love the peaceful sound of oceans waves, the wide open feel of the beach, even the disorienting sense of not knowing where you are….all those condos look the same from the beach!

So yesterday, my daughter and I went for a short run…nothing too intense. It wasn’t too warm yet and I don’t remember sweating too much. I had on a pair of running pants and a matching running top. I’ve worn them before to exercise class. We ran, we walked, we stopped for coffee, we walked some more, and we joined back up with hubby and son.

When I was ready to change into beach attire, I saw that my skin where the pink spandex stripes had been was now blotched with pink spots. Apparently, I had somehow reacted to the spandex. How ironic after blogging about skin issues yesterday.

running pantsreaction

Food intolerances go hand in hand with other strange body issues. Lucky me. Fortunately, the spots have mostly faded. I will not be running in those pants today!

Living with food intolerances and strange things like this can be frustrating, but I am reminded I am light years away from the place I was just a few years ago. I have witnessed the power of answered prayer through God’s healing in His time, never my own. Patience. Perspective. Hope. And running pants without spandex stripes!


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