Insomnia Diaries…Day 1

insomniaInsomnia. Is. Awful.

Being tired and laying down to sleep expecting to enjoy a restful night of sleep only to find out you can’t fall asleep….this has been the story of my life the past week.

I don’t do well with hearing other people breathe when I am trying to sleep…unfortunately, my husband needs to breathe while he sleeps, and fortunately he does!

I have tried lots of calm me down, unwind before bed, get ready for sleep “solutions”…chamomile tea, reading before bed, a sound machine, lavender essential oil diffused, a dark room….it isn’t helping lately. I am tired and frustrated. I want to sleep!!!

I made a discovery the other night that may shed some light on my sleeping issues. Food. I learned a long time ago with acid reflux issues not to eat right before bed and not to eat a large dinner. I’ve been snacking lately, though. A bite of this or that as I pack my lunch. And liquid….sleepytime tea and water….these actually seem to be hindering my ability to sleep. I need an empty belly in order to sleep. So, I have stopped drinking anything by 7. I drink A LOT of water during the day so I’m not worried about not getting enough fluid. What I am worried about is not getting enough sleep! Not getting enough sleep is bad for the brain and memory, and I need my memory!

So, tonight, I will try my theory and hope to fall asleep faster than the last few days!!!

I am open to any and all sleep suggestions!


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