Mindful Living

Every weekend, I go through  the ritual of re-organizing my house and picking up the chaos from the week we just survived. I’m quite positive that I am not the only person in this world that does the same thing on the weekend. It’s bound to happen between work schedules, homework, dinners prepared and cleaned up, a meeting here or there, church mid-week…the list goes on and on. My fairly clean and organized table Sunday suffers the worse and by Friday, it is a chaotic collage of food wrappers, Lego pieces, unopened and opened mail, water bottles, pens, graded school papers, and crumbs from dinner that no one bothered to wipe up because we inhaled our food before heading out for our next adventure. It drives me crazy yet I feel helpless to change it. So, here it is Saturday, and I will go through the same cleaning and re-organizing ritual once again.


If I’m not careful, it’s easy to get caught up in the same sort of craziness in other areas of my life. This is where mindful living comes into play. I don’t want my relationship with my kids or husband to get lost in the shuffle of homework, dinner prep, and community/school/church meetings. I don’t want to stay up so late that I can’t pull myself out of bed in the morning for devotional time and exercise. My precious writing time is often reserved for early morning Saturdays when everyone else is still tucked away in bed. I don’t want to be so rushed that I make poor food choices that agitate my stomach.

I’m working towards simplifying my life. Less stuff=less clutter. Less clutter=less stress. Less stress=mindful living. I am a work in progress.

What areas in your life could you simplify?

Now, to tackle that table…


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