Monday Musings on a Free Day

I’m not sure what I feel like today…a banker, a teacher, a government employed worker? I work in healthcare, a facility that operates 24/7, and I have a day off on Presidents’ Day due to a bonus holiday. I don’t know what to do with myself except…I should be productive…I have a closet I would love to clean but instead, I would rather relax. My commuting work weeks are a whirlwind of activity that being able to just sit is well, nice. I can sit and write. I can sit and do my taxes. I can sit and make necessary phone calls. So, all is not wasted. And, besides, I did exercise this morning already. I would do my laundry, but my washer hook-ups are leaking, and I am waiting for my plumber handy uncle to arrive and save the day!

So, I choose to look at this day as a gift.

A chance to slow down.

A chance to be spontaneous and enjoy whatever I feel like doing at the moment. For example, my 11-year-old son and I just enjoyed reading random facts about various Presidents on the computer in honor of Presidents’ Day. Did you know that President Calvin Coolidge slept 10 hours a night? I would love to be able to catch 8 hours a night!

My house is calm. My house is quiet. My house is relatively clean, not perfect, but not a cluttered chaotic mess that it will be by Friday!

A chance to reflect on how much I have grown in the past few years.

Food issues have changed my perspectives on food, on me, on health, and how God uses everything in my life to shape me and mold me into who He desires me to be and the direction he wants me to go. I changed jobs a year ago, too, and although I miss my former co-workers dearly, I would not have grown professionally, personally, and spiritually without the experiences I have had in this new position and environment.

In a year’s time, I have learned to LOVE and appreciate coffee. I have learned to have a greater acceptance of those different from me. I have learned greater problem solving skills. I have learned to be creative with time management. I have a greater appreciation and devotion for my family and friends. I am learning day by day to let go of the small stuff and embrace what truly matters. I am becoming a more confident driver in the winter weather conditions. I am learning that I possess greater patience than I realized I had. I am understanding with a greater clarity what my passion truly is.

I am OK with being me. Most days. I have moments I struggle, but I am trying to look at struggles and emotions as learning blocks in this journey of life. Some days I want to simply hide and blend in with the world around me like this tiny turtle I discovered during a hike with my husband. I don’t think I, or anyone for that matter, was meant to simply blend into our surroundings. I think, I believe, I, we all, have a greater purpose to leave our mark on this world for the better.

Pictures Fall 2013-Fall 2014 1315

On this “free” Monday, I reflect, and I embrace the journey I am on day by day. I am thankful for those who I am privileged to have journey alongside with me. When I am tempted to blend and tuck myself into my own world like the tiny turtle, I will instead face whatever comes my way with determination and confidence. I hope you will, too!



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