Killer of joy.

Stealer of Sleep.

Instigator of stomach irritation.

Everywhere. Everyday. In the messy clutter of life.

Clutter and Stress

I want to propose that stress is a choice.

When I walk into the facility where I work in the morning, I have a choice to embrace whatever comes my way with confidence and determination or to allow the insane craziness stress me out.

When I step through my front door after a 9 hour work day and an hour commute and trip over three pairs of shoes, see papers strewn all over my dining table, and find a sink overflowing with dirty dishes, I can choose to scream at my precious children for the house they have trashed or I can breathe deeply and take it in stride.

I can choose to waste a few more minutes on social media or I can choose to go to bed earlier and relish in precious sleep.

I can choose to eat the foods that I know make my body feel the best or I can make choices that make me feel crummy (sugar, too much chocolate and caffeine, not enough protein) and then make myself more susceptible to stress.

I am learning that health is a holistic approach…sleep, healthy eating, exercise and movement, healthy social connections, my faith and relationship with God, being true to my passions in life, and keeping a handle on stress in my life.

Take a deep breath today and choose joy over stress.


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