Cumin on my Squash

One thing I have learned to love eating since my illness thanks to being on the GAPS diet during the Thanksgiving season one year, is squash. I love squash…all types….in brownies, in breads, for breakfast as an oatmeal substitute, and as a side dish at dinner.

I commute to and from work, and by the time I leave work at 5, I am famished and ready for dinner. I called my husband one night and asked him to cut an acorn squash in half, add a dab of Kerrygold butter, and a hefty sprinkle of cinnamon and pop it in the oven. I am a cinnamon lover…something else I have learned to love the past few years. Cinnamon goes on everything…in my coffee, in my oatmeal, on my applesauce, in chocolate brownies, and my squash.

I walked in the door from work looking forward to my squash. As soon as I pulled it out of the oven, I knew something was not quite right. It didn’t smell like cinnamon. I smelled cumin right away. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like cumin in a Mexican dish, and I’m sure it could be tasty on squash, too, but….I was expecting cinnamon. I looked and my suspicions were confirmed. The jar of cumin stared back at me.

I took a deep breath and slowly asked my husband if that was what he had sprinkled on my squash. He looked at me with this deer in the headlights look. “Yeah.”

I took another deep breath. “Um, its cumin.”

“Oh.” He looked at me with this confused expression.

“Honest mistake. No worries.” I turned and grumbled inside my head. It was an honest mistake. The containers were the same. They both start with C. They look similar.

Yet, they don’t smell similar. They don’t taste similar.

cumin on my squash

At that very moment, I had a choice. I could make something very big out of something very small OR I could be flexible and appreciate the honest effort my husband put into making me dinner.

Perspective…life is about perspective. My squash didn’t taste like cinnamon, but it was good nonetheless.

Forgiveness…a lot of times, we tend to get upset over trivial things. Forgiving my husband for an honest mistake made more sense than getting mad over cinnamon and cumin.

Life lessons are found in the simple things of everyday life…in the things right in front of our eyes and the things right under our nose.


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