More Words of Wisdom from Yogi Tea

I leave tea, especially Yogi tea. I love the words of wisdom that await me every time I open one of their tea bags. It’s just like the surprise message inside the foil wrapper of a Dove dark chocolate. (Which, I think I really need to buy more of them!! A weakness of mine…)

This morning, my Yogi tea message read….”Let things come to you.” These words align with my post from a few days ago….the slow work of God. I think that sometimes we want to rush things before things are ready. God does a lot of “behind the scenes” work in our lives. He works out the details….He has a purpose for where we are at the moment. Sometimes, it hurts, and sometimes, it’s just plain painful, but He is working in our lives if we allow Him.

If we pause and take time to allow Him to work in our lives, we learn the lessons of patience and trust. And, if we are open to the blessings along the way, He will open our eyes to them. After a difficult day at work and feeling discouraged as I drove home, I looked out my window and saw ever so faintly, a rainbow. A rainbow is a sign of hope, a promise. At that very moment, that is what I needed. The things (a rainbow) came to me. Look below, it is faint, but it is there. Don’t be so busy with the noise of the world and so rushed for everything to happen right now, that you miss the joy of the moment.

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