The Slow Work of God

I was driving through the city the other day, and I noticed a church sign. The words really resonated with me: “Trust in the slow work of God.” Wow…those words hold so much truth. It’s never fun to endure suffering, to go through tough times like illness, financial issues, or uncertainty of any kind. It’s our human nature to want to be in control of our own destiny. We want to know what lies ahead. We want answers to our problems now, not next week. Waiting is not fun.

There’s a song by John Waller…”While I’m Waiting”…that talks about waiting on the Lord, being hopeful, waiting on God although it is painful. It’s a reflective ballad of the positive things that can come from waiting on the Lord. We learn patience. We learn to trust. We accept we are not in control. One line of the song states…”I’m waiting on You, Lord, and I’m peaceful.” Peaceful? Wow…I know that I did not always feel peace while waiting, but I have always learned something and grown.

Here are two stories of waiting in my life:

1. When our daughter was in kindergarten, we decided we wanted to have another child. My friends around me were expecting. I could not get pregnant….each month I waited for the anticipation of being pregnant. After deciding it was too painful to wait, we gave up. Fast forward a few years, God laid the desire to adopt on our hearts. We proceeded with the process, and then we waited. Waited to be accepted into the Philippines program. Waited for the referral of our child. Waited to travel.

One day during a quiet moment while everyone else was in bed, God revealed a moment of truth to me. During those difficult, painful months of trying to get pregnant, my prayers were being answered, just not as I was expecting. It was 2003…the year my son was born. Today,  I could not imagine life without my son. Praise God for His slow work in my life!

Slow Work of God

2. My health…my mystery illness that resulted in a 2 1/2 year battle with unexplained weight loss, GI bleeding and issues, chronic pain, and just feeling awful overall. In reference to the  song above, I did not feel peace in the waiting. I felt fear. I prayed every night that I would wake up in the morning. I cried my fair share of tears, but I learned to lean on others. I learned to pray fervently. I learned to trust.I learned to hope. I met an amazing Christian nutritionist and her chiropractic husband who taught me about my holistic health. Although the food issues and GI issues are now a part of my everyday life, I no longer have chronic pain or GI bleeding, and I am a healthy weight once again.

Yes, it is through difficult times that we learn to trust in the slow work of God. He loves us and cares for us.

Waiting verse


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