The Calm Quiet of Morning

MorningQuiet. Calm. Still. This is why I love mornings. I don’t mind willing myself to crawl out from under those warm blankets on a cold winter morning because I know I will be rewarded with the quiet, the calm, the still. For me, there is something peaceful in knowing my children are sleeping soundly upstairs, my dog is snoring contentedly beside me, and I can relish in the calmest moments of my entire day.

Mornings are when I like to spend quiet moments with God, to pour myself into writing projects, to exercise (before I can talk myself out of it), to savor and enjoy breakfast, and to appreciate the gift of another day.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with noise and by noise, I don’t mean just audible noise. I mean the distraction of social media. I mean people asking us to take on just one more obligation. I mean the stack of bills and my children’s school papers that need reviewed and signed, amongst crumbs on the table from last night’s dinner that no one has wiped up yet. That is noise to my soul. It can be overwhelming.

For my health and for my sanity, I need my mornings. I need my calm. I need this quiet. I need this moment in time when all is still.

When is your moment of calm?


4 thoughts on “The Calm Quiet of Morning

  1. I’ve just come across your blog. Some of my posts seem to match some of yours exactly. Our noisy modern world is in desperate need of stillness and silence. They are both rich with value and benefit, the source of wisdom and the way to God. Thank you for your posts.

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