The Message in the Mess

Sometimes, I am reminded that there is a message in the mess. Like tonight…after I came home from a scary, white commute from work to a table that still needed cleared for dinner guests for my husband’s birthday, I gathered items from the table. I carried my daughter’s items that had accumulated on the table upstairs to her bedroom. When I turned on her light, I stopped in my tracks. Her room is a mess….clothes everywhere ( I have no idea what’s clean or dirty), school books, Christmas gifts still not put away, coffee mugs, shoes…it’s a mess. But, it wasn’t the mess that caught my eye. It was what I saw on her bed that caught my eye, made me smile, and whisper a prayer of thanks to God.

message in the mess

Across her bed was her opened Bible, her journal, and her devotional along with a highlighter. My 17-year-old daughter spent time on her day off school with her Heavenly Father. In the mess of her room, God was reminding me what is important in life. Instead of being aggravated at the mess surrounding me, I paused long enough to allow myself to see the message in the mess.

Life is like that. I truly belive God can use the mess in our lives to share a message with us…if we are open to pausing long enough, to be still, and listen to His voice. Since my blog is centered on faith, hope, love, and food, I can certainly make connections of messages from the mess I have experienced in my life due to food issues. Messages and lessons such as patience, reliance on God for healing in His time, in His way, connections to other believers who I would not have been connected with had it not been for my food and GI issues, and greater appreciation for food, real food (not packaged, from a vending machine type of food).

Yes,  God can take a mess in my life, your life and give me and you an amazing message if only we are open to His guidance, acceptance, and love.


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