Joy in an Imperfect World

It’s Christmas Eve, and as I sit here and type on my computer, I can hear the rain beating against the chimney outside. Last year, we were under about 12 inches of snow. Ohio’s weather is crazy. Life is like the weather….unpredictable. Life can change in the matter of seconds. It is filled with moments of joy and moments of suffering.

On Christmas Eve, I take a moment and reflect on the birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ….the moment of joy when He entered our world, born in the most humble of ways in a manger. Despite how unpredictable life may be, I know that my Savior, the Light of the World, is always there by my side. He is there to guide me through this imperfect world.

Not only is this world imperfect, I am filled with imperfections. Just like the molasses cookies I made a few weeks ago (henceforth the importance of sifting coconut flour) that were filled with spots of imperfections, my life is filled with imperfections. I’m not always patient. I can’t carry a tune. I’m in my 30s and still struggle with acne. I have food sensitivities making me a challenge (or pain) to go out to eat with. I am far from perfect yet my Heavenly Father loves me. He gave me the gift of His Son to guide me through this imperfect world.


My life is like this cookie. Despite its less than perfect appearance, it still tasted delicious with a cup of coffee or tea. My life, despite my inward and outward imperfections, can be filled with joy if I so choose. On this Christmas Eve, I am choosing joy. I choose to have hope, faith, love, and joy despite the imperfections of life. I am looking forward to Christmas dinner with my family. I have learned to bring side dishes and desserts I can eat. The chocolate avocado pudding is ready to go for tomorrow.

This  Christmas accept your imperfections and choose joy. Merry Christmas!

Choosing Joy



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